The Poznań Linguistic Meeting (PLM) is an annual general linguistics conference that continues the tradition of the Polish–English contrastive conferences started by Jacek Fisiak in 1970. The name "Poznań Linguistic Meeting" was adopted in 1997, when Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk took over as the Head of the Organising Committee. The Meetings are organised by the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. Materials from past PLMs are archived here.



The 46th Poznań Linguistic Meeting (PLM2016) will be held on 15–17 September 2016 in Poznań. The leitmotif will be "Linguistics and data: A fresh look". In view of the rapid growth of available data, both in terms of its types and range, we will try to address the fundamental issue of the nature of linguistic data as well as the resulting theoretical and methodological challenges.

PLM2016 has the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Poznań and the Rector of Adam Mickiewicz University.

Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Poznan


Confirmed talks

Keynote: Daniel Everett (Bentley University), Homo erectus and the semiotic progression [PDF abstract]

Plenary: Przemysław Tajsner (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań), On the alleged bankruptcy of armchair linguistics: Reassessing the data base for generative syntax [PDF abstract]

Plenary: Jóhanna Barðdal (Ghent University), To Be or Not to Be an Oblique Subject – That is the Question

Plenary: Russell Gray (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History), The big, bright future of linguistics [PDF abstract]


Special events

As has become our tradition in the recent years, there will be a debate related to the leitmotif. The confirmed discussants are (in alphabetic order): Jóhanna Barðdal (Ghent University), Daniel Everett (Bentley University), Piotr Gąsiorowski (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań), Russell Gray (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena), Przemysław Tajsner (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań) and Ewa Waniek-Klimczak (University of Łódź).


Special bonus

Courtesty of Prof. Daniel Everett, we would like to invite you to view this video: The grammar of happiness [mp4 video on Dropbox; opens in a new tab].

Also, here is the link to the new Professor Everett's lecture series on YouTube.  

Post-conference publication

Selected papers will be published in a PLM's serial publication, the Yearbook of the Poznań Linguistic Meeting. This is an annual volume published by De Gruyter Open. An application is in progress to incude it on Thomson Reuter's Conference Proceedings Citation Index.

Below, you will find a word cloud created from the words appearing in abstracts by PLM2016 participants.