Assessing the potential of corpora



May 20, from 11.30 am

Organiser: Dr. Przemyslaw Kaszubski





F = full paper (20+5 min)

S = shorter paper (15+5 min)

P = poster (1x1m poster + 5 min)


Clicking on paper titles will take you directly to the abstracts.




SLOT 1 (11.30-13.30): Focus: "Corpus building and annotation" + posters


  1. (F) Adam Pawłowski: The 'Wrocław Corpus' of Polish Project

  2. (F) Adam Przepiórkowski: Enhancing the potential of POS-tagged corpora with positional tagsets and ambiguities

  3. (F) Wlodzimierz Sobkowiak: Automatic phonetic annotation of corpora for EFL purposes


  1. (P) Elżbieta Dura: Extracting current language use from the web

  2. (P) Mira Podhajecka: How to use the Web to make better translations

  3. (P) Przemysław Kaszubski: Web-based concordancing and EFL writing

  4. (P) Urszula Okulska: Historical corpora: Their applicability to (socio)linguistic and cultural research



SLOT 2 (15.00-16.30): Focus: "Corpora and linguistic theory"


  1. (F) Damir Čavar: On unsupervised grammar induction from untagged corpora

  2. (F) Truus De Wilde: Corpora and norms: methodological problems

  3. (F) Małgorzata Fabiszak: Studying metaphor with the BNC



SLOT 3: (17.00-18.30) Focus: "Applying corpora"


  1. (F) Tadeusz Piotrowski: Corpus linguistics in MA courses: What’s wrong with teaching linguistics in Poland

  2. (F) Mihail Mihailov: Translation pairs from parallel corpora

  3. (S) Maciej Machniewski: Corpus-based translation studies and the teaching of translation

  4. (time allowing) CLOSING DISCUSSION coordinated by P. Kaszubski: Assessing the potential of corpora