Call for Papers for the panel


Intercomponential interfaces



Organiser: Prof. Geoff Schwartz (Poznan)


Linguists of all species, be they phonologists, phoneticians or syntacticians, often get into the habit of being very concentrated on their own specific subfields. Because of this fact views on many linguistic riddles are occasionally narrow, lacking the perspective that an outside observer can provide. This, however, is starting to change, and we see more and more research examining how various linguistic subfields can interact.


The Interfaces panel at the Poznan Linguistic Meeting seeks to encourage this trend, and is open to any paper touching on at least 2 areas of linguistics (syntax-phonology, morphology-syntax, phonetics-phonology, syntax- semantics, etc). Speakers are thus encouraged to make their presentations user-friendly and interesting to linguists who specialization might be slightly different from their own. We hope to see you in Poznan in the spring for some interfacing! Contact - Geoff Schwartz.