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PLM 2005 Session: Morphonology

The 36th Poznań Linguistic Meeting
22-24 April, 2005
Call for papers

Dear Colleagues

We are pleased to announce that the programme of the PLM 2005 conference includes a session on MORPHONOLOGY.

What is morphonology? What is its domain? Is it a separate component of grammar? What is the origin of morphonological alternations? How do we know that seemingly regular phonological alternations are no longer phonological proper and must be relegated / promoted to morphonology? What aspects of the phonological component may be manipulated by morphonology? Are morphonological alternations typically segment / phoneme replacements, or could they be feature replacements? Or maybe we are dealing with morpheme replacements in which case morphonology would be in fact morphology?

Questions of this type can be multiplied, and answers may vary dramatically. The status and nature of morphonology is far from being settled mostly due to the fact that each phonological theory has a different view on the place of morphonology in linguistic theory as well as on its scope. Even if there is no such thing as a separate component of grammar called morphonology, the phenomena which have typically been so labelled deserve a constant reappraisal in the broader context of phonology – morphology interaction, and in the light of recent models and findings.

Papers from all frameworks, dealing with morphonology, are cordially invited. We are planning one plenary presentation by invited speaker and regular sessions devoted to the subject (20min for presentation and 10min for discussion). At this stage the following scholars have confirmed their participation in the session: Wolfgang Dressler - Wien, Rajendra Singh - Montreal, Jonathan Kaye – Girona, Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk – Poznań, Edmund Gussmann – Poznań.


Authors should submit abstracts by 15 January 2005, by e-mail ( or ( Further details concerning this session and the PLM 2005 Conference can be found at our web page at

Eugeniusz Cyran
Institute of English Studies
Catholic University of Lublin

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