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Call For Papers

For the Syntax and Morphosyntax Session of the PLM Conference (IFA UAM Poznań 22-24 April 2005)

Organisers of the Syntax and Morphosyntax Session of the PLM Conference invite all interested parties to submit Abstracts of Papers by 15th January 2005. The topic of the Session is not rigidly defined, yet the organisers expect prospective contributions to deal with the generative (GB, MP, HPSG) approaches to syntax, semantics and morphosyntax of English and Polish or with broadly conceived contrastive and theoretical issues.

Conference presentations follow the usual format of twenty minutes for the presentation itself and ten minutes for ensuing discussion.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 15th January 2005. Abstracts, not exceeding 500 words, should be sent to the following addresses:

Authors will be sent notices of acceptance by the end of February 2005.

PLM 2005 Syntax Session Convenors

Jacek Witkoś
Przemysław Tajsner

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