Assessing the potential of corpora


May 20, from 11.30 am


Organiser: Dr. Przemyslaw Kaszubski



We have now finished accepting papers

(submission deadline passed March 15th)



The primary goal of this workshop is to convene users of corpora, from Poland and beyond, willing to exchange ideas and opinions on the feasibility and practicality of corpus-based methods in linguistic study, language teaching, and other applications.


Presentations will be of three types:


As detailed in the conference timetable, the workshop will feature one 120-minute and two 90-minute sessions, each of which will include 3-4 full and/or shorter papers. In addition, Session 1 will comprise poster recommendation talks, while Session 3 is planned to end with an open discussion addressing the workshop's major theme: The assessment of the potential of corpora.


Timetable for the workshop available here.

(Go to the conference timetable for details and abstracts of other sessions)


The accepted papers (in alphabetical order, with info on full/shorter/poster status).


We plan to publish all contributions in a special edition of Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics.


Workshop participants are required to register for PLM2004 at on the Meeting's web page. Questions and requests can be addressed to the conference organisers.