PTIME transformation of pregroup grammar into CFG and PDA

Wojciech Buszkowski and Katarzyna Moroz (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań)

We present a direct construction of a context-free grammar equivalent to a given pregroup grammar. The construction can be performed in a polynomial time.

The calculus of pregroups, introduced by Lambek [3], is a flexible and efficient computational device for parsing of natural languages. Buszkowski [2] proves the equivalence of pregroup grammars and context-free grammars. The proof uses the fact that context-free languages are closed under homomorfic coimages and images. We show that, according to these lines, one obtains a PTIME transformation of a pregroup grammar.

Our construction improves the results of Bechet [1] who provides a construction requiring an expotential time.

We also present a direct PTIME construction of a push-down automaton for a given pregroup grammar.


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