The science and practice of LOUD: voice treatment for Parkinson disease

Lorraine Ramig, University of Colorado-Boulder

At least 89% of individuals with Parkinson disease (PD) have a speech or voice disorder which can negatively impact quality of life.  The LSVT® has been documented to have short and long-term efficacy and Level 1 evidence for positive treatment effects.  This presentation will: 1) present the background and motivation for voice treatment in PD;  2) describe the creation of an efficacious speech treatment and efficacy data;  3) report on unexpected outcomes (facial expression, swallowing and PET;  4) discuss application of principles of LSVT to physical movement (Training BIG) and a hybrid approach (Training BIG and  LOUD); 5) demonstrate innovative technology (e.g., eLOUD (webcam), LSVT-C (PDA) and LSVT-VT (Virtual therapist)) to enhance accessibility of treatment for all people with PD who can benefit.