The WA Publications database makes it possible to search for information in two ways.

1. The filter

The first is the filter, which features three search criteria:


To use the filter:

1. Click on the Filter button.
2. Select one of the options:


by clicking on one of the radio buttons on the left and choosing an option from the corresponding list. Then click on the Filter button on the right.

Filter screenshot

More selection criteria can be added to previous searches. Before you attempt a new serch be sure to Reset the filter.

The data generated using the filter can be exported to Bibtex, Endnote and XML format.

2. The second method - Search

The second method of specifying the criteria for your search is to use the Search window on the far left.

Search screenshot

Type in a word or phrase (name or part of a title) and click on the Search button. Your query can be further refined with the Advanced search option provided.