Juan Manuel Hernández-Campoy: Geolinguistic models of analysis of the spatial diffusion of sociolinguistic innovations
Piotr Gąsiorowski: The history of [O:]: Is there regular orthographically conditioned sound change?
Jerzy Wełna: “Downs and ups” of short [e] before nonprevocalic [r], or Late Middle English e-Lowering
John G. Newman: The spread of the s-plural in Middle English (1150-1420): A corpus study
Rafał Molencki: A history of the English perfect infinitive
Aleksandra Hans: Spelling practices in three manuscripts of the Canterbury Tales
Małgorzata Fabiszak: A semantic analysis of emotion terms in Old English
Hanna Rutkowska: Pronouns in the Cely letters
Urszula Okulska: Stereotypes and language stigma: The causes of prejudice against the weaker sex in Early Modern England
Janez Orešnik: Naturalness: The English s-genitive and of-phrase
Monika Pawłowska: A parallel development in the history and acquisition of be going to in English
Roger Berry: The use of generic we in written political commentary in Hong Kong
Piotr Ruszkiewicz: Morphological and syntactic categories in the theory of generative grammar
Yonglin Yang: A functional-stratificational analysis of what-clauses for pedagogical grammar
Rafał Żuchowski: Selected aspects of phonostatistics in American poetry
Magdalena Kębłowska: Are contemporary Polish teachers of English democratic or authoritarian - teachers’ and students’ perceptions: A survey
Hans Osterwalder: Madness in the family in realistic and absurd guise: Miller’s The last Yankee and Pinter’s Moonlight
Jacek Fabiszak: Elizabethan stage vs. cinema in Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet
Steven Carter: Hawthorne our contemporary: Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark” and “Ethan Brand”
Marek Wilczyński: Maidens, corpses, and words: Edgar Allan Poe and the failure of the sublime
Agnieszka Rzepa: Neither in nor out: A lover of witches. Androgyny in American popular culture. A case study
Mirosława Ziaja-Buchholtz: A female peon and the state of war in Thomas Middleton’s A game at chess
Magdalena Zapędowska: Spatial relationships in Emiy Dickinson’s poetry


Reviews (single pdf file)

Radosław Dylewski: American English. Dialects and variation. By Walt Wolfram – Natalie Schilling-Estes
Piotr Jakubowski: The emergence of Standard English. By John H. Fisher
Marcin Kilarski: Anglisismeordboka: Engelske lanord i norsk. By Anne -Line Graedler – Stig Johansson
Weronika Wilczyńska: Dictionnaire des faux amis français-anglais / Dictionary of faux amis English-French. By Jacques Van Rory – Sylviane Granger – Helen Swallow