Jacek Fisiak: Margaret Schlauch
Sheila Delany: Medieval Marxists: A tradition
Elżbieta Adamczyk: Reduplication and the Old English strong verbs class VII
Rafał Borysławski: The elements of Anglo-Saxon wisdom poetry in the Exeter Book riddles
Joanna Bugaj: Verb morphology of south-western Middle Scots
Joanna Bukowska: Promises kept and broken - the power of a spoken word in the chivalric word of Le Morte Darthur
Jane Chance: Representing rebellion: The ending of Chaucer’s Knight’s Tale and the castration of Saturn
Sheila Christie: “Thei stodyn upon stoyls for to beheldyn hir”: Margery kempe and the power of performance
Ewa Ciszek: Me -lich(e)/-ly
John C. Coldewey: Watching the watchers: Drama spectatorship and counter-surveillance in sixteenth-century Chester
Juan Camilo Conde Silvestre - Juan Manuel Hernández Campoy: Modern geolinguistic tenets and the diffusion of linguistic innovations in Late Middle English
John M. Ganim: Medievalism and orientalism at the world’s fairs
Edmund Gussmann: The dental suffix in Modern Icelandic: Phonology, morpho(phono)logy, and the lexicon
Renate Haas: Caroline Spurgeon - English studies, the United States, and internationalism
Anna Hebda: Open syllable lengthening before /t/ and /k/ in the language of Cursor Mundi - the evidence from rhyme vowels
Catherine Innes-Parker: The “gender gap” reconsidered: Manuscripts and readers in late-medieval England
Piotr Jakubowski: West Midland and Southwestern adjectival systems in Early Middle English: A reanalysis
Irena Janicka-Świderska: Two saint’s plays/conversion plays form Bodleian Ms Digby 133
Joanna Kazik: Worshipping Corpus Christi: Mary Magdalene in the English mystery cycles
Marcin Krygier: A re-classification of Old English nouns
Przemysław Łozowski: Language in time: A lesson functionalists may learn from Margaret Schlauch
Maria Auxiliadora Martin Diaz: Old English ēa in Middle Kentish place-names
D. Gary Miller: The origin and diffusion of English 3sg -s
Rafał Molencki: The status of
Ruta Nagucka: Determination and interpretation of semantic lexical underspecification in Old English homilies
Christine M. Rose: What every goodwoman wants: The parameters of desire in Le menagier de Paris/The goodman of Paris
Hanna Rutkowska: Towards a more analytic expression of grammatical relationships: The use of prepositions and adverbs in Early English correspondence
Liliana Sikorska: Internal exile: Dorothea of Montau’s inward journey
Merja Stenroos: Free variation and other myths: Interpreting historical English spelling
Stephanie Trigg: “Ye louely ladyes with youre longe fyngres”: The silkwomen of medieval London
Wolfgang Viereck: Pronominal usage in dialectal English
Jerzy Wełna: Metathetic and non-metathetic form selection in Middle English
Władysław Witalisz: Epic or romance: Authorial concept of genre in Middle English Visions of Troy