Laura Wright: More on the history of shit and shut
Hans Platzer: A brief rejoinder to Wright (1997)
Roger Lass: Arse longa, vita brevis: Last words on “harmful homophony”
Anna M. Hornero Corisco: French influence on English prepositions: A study of Ancrene Wisse
Aleksander Szwedek: Iconicity of nouns and verbs in the information structure of the sentence
Rudolf Emons: Corpus linguistics: Some basic problems
Maria Liudvika Drazdauskiene: The intricacy of idiomatic meaning and the comprehending mind yet extant
Piotr Stalmaszczyk: Celtic elements in English vocabulary - a critical reassessment
Marcin Kilarski: The case of the unmarked gender in loanwords
Isabel de la Cruz Cabanillas: The conflict of homonyms revisited
Emilio Saameno Aivar: Levels of complexity in relative clauses
Leszek Berezowski: Iconic motivation for the definite article in English geographical proper names
Carmen Valero-Garcés: Pro-drop parameter and double mention: A case study of Spanish students of English
Olusegun Adekoya: Linguistic experimentation in The wizard of law
Yisa Kehinde Yusuf: “To propose is human”: Eliminating sexist language from English proverbs
Kinga Nettmann: Peer-correction: Support or discouragement? The psychological aspect of peer error treatment from the correctee’s perspective at secondary school and university levels
Jihad Hamdan – Shehdeh Fareh: Dictionaries as a potential source of error for Arab EFL learners: Evidence from verb argument structures
Steven Carter: A note on Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway
Rula Quawas: Evelina: A new womanly woman
Agnieszka Rzepa: The ultimate America - Marge Piercy’s Woman on the edge of time
U. Dagmar Scheu: Towards intercultural education in Europe


Reviews (single pdf file)

Ruta Nagucka: The Two Middle English translations of the Revelations of St. Elizabeth of Hungary edited from Cambridge University Library MS Hh.i. 11 and Wynkyn de Worde’s printed text of ?1493. By Sarach McNamer
Marcin Krygier: The vocalism of the Germanic Parent Language: Systemic evolution and sociohistorical context. (Unterschungen zur vergleichenden Grammatik der germanischen Sprachen 4). By Frans van Coetsem
Yuri Tambovtsev: Linguistic features and genre profiles of scientivic English. By Rosemarie Gläser