Jacek Fisiak: Studies on Old and Middle English language in Poland (1900-2000)
Ruta Nagucka: Conceptual semantics and grammatical relations in Old English
Isabel de la Cruz Cabanillas: Rolle’s Ego Dormio in manuscript Trinity College Dublin 155
Jerzy Wełna : Grammaticalization in Early English
John Anderson: “What became of Waring?” Questioning the predicator in English
Michael Moss: Subject and predicate agreement in the development of generative grammar
Roman Kopytko: Interactional pragmatics: Towards a theory of performance
Carsten Breul: Non-stranded preposition + relative who(m): Syntactic discussion and corpus-related problems
Alvin Ping Leong: Rethinking theme and rheme: Some indications from a respondent study
Maria Liudvika Drazdauskiene: Address and the use of its potential in Shakesapeare’s plays
Stanislav Kavka: Some hints on the importance of teaching idiomaticity
Jarosław Krajka: Verbal idioms in focus - towards the continuum of idiomatic expressions
Mirosław Pawlak: Optimizing interaction in the second language classroom
Liliana Sikorska: Constructing the Middle Ages in contemporary literature and culture: The reading of Irish Murdoch’s The Green Knight
Andrzej Wicher: The fourtheenth century mystics as God’s children (an introductory cognitive study)
Joanna Maciulewicz: Scott’s hi/story telling - a postmodern reading of Kenilworth
Paulina Ambroży: Barth’s The sot-weed factor - a case of hypertextuality


Reviews (single pdf file)

Marcin Krygier: Essentials of Early English. By Jeremy J. Smith
Joanna Kopaczyk: The English languages. By Tom McArthur