Peter Trudgill: Received pronunciation: Sociolinguistic aspects
James Milroy: Received pronunciation: Who “receives” it and how long will it be “received”?
Joanna Przedlacka: Estuary English and RP: Some recent findings
Marcin Krygier: Reconsidering the history of the English verbal system
Elżbieta Adamczyk: Old English reflexes of Sievers’ Law
Antonio Bertacca: Naturalness, markedness and the productivity of the Old English a-declension
Jerzy Wełna : Suppletion for suppletion, or the replacement of ēode by went in English
Concha Castillo: On the non-expressed object of Old English infinitives
Joanna Kopaczyk: The Scots - Northern English continuum of marking noun plurality
Kenneth Shields, Jr.: On the origin of the English diminutive suffix -y, -ie
Juan C. Conde-Silvestre: The code and context of Monasteriales Indicia: A semiotic analysis of late Anglo-Saxon monastic sign language
Teresa Moralejo-Gárate: Composite predicates and idiomatisation in Middle English: A corpus-based approach
Elżbieta Górska: Recent derivatives with the suffix -less: A change in progress within the category of English private adjectives?
John Newman: A corpus-based study of the figure and ground in sitting, standing, and lying constructions
Heli Tissari: Metaphors we love by: On the cognitive metaphors of LOVE from the 15th century to the present
Hanna Rutkowska: Ortography in the Cely letters
Liliana Sikorska: The construction of power and pride in the framework of political allegory in the Middle English Pride of life
Władysław Witalisz: Orality and literacy in Middle English religious literature on the example of medieval lives of Christ
Andrzej Wicher: The idea of cultural continuity in G. Chaucer’s House of fame
Marek Wilczyński: From Edwards to Slosson: Typology, nature and The New England domestic gothic
Marcin Turski: Intertextual competence: The reader’s key to the treasure


Reviews (single pdf file)

Manfred Voss: Die Glossen der Hs. British Library, Cotton Cleopatra A. III: Phonologie, Morphologie, Worthgeographie. By Wolfgang Kittlick
Minako Nakayasu: Gender communication. By Satoko Hamamoto