Wolfgang Viereck: Insights into the cultural history of Europe as provided by the Atlas Linguarum Europae
Göran Kjellmer: On relative which with personal reference
Sylwia Scheuer: Some remarks on stylistic shifs in interlanguage speech: The case of “reading” and “speaking” errors
Tetsuya Koshiishi: Collateral adjectives, Latinate vocabulary and English morphology
Joanna Pawelczyk: The discursive construction of gendered identity: AAE
Stanislav J. Kavka: On the idiomatic status of English compounds
Agata Rozumko: Countable, uncountable and collective nouns in the early eighteenth century English - an overview
E. Taiwo Babalola: The development and preservation of Nigerian languages and cultures: The role of the local government
Anna Cieślicka: Comprehension and interpretation of proverbs in L2
Anna Dziemianko: Coding systems in monolingual English learners’ dictionaries: From and utility
Paweł Scheffler: The interpretation of English reflexive pronouns by Polish learners of English
Dagmar Scheu - J. Saura Sánchez: Asymmetrical cultural assumptions, the public self and the role of the native speaker: Insights for the expansion of intercultural education in foreign language teaching
Radegundis Stolze: The hermeneutic approach in translation
Mirosław Pawlak: Error correction practices of Polish and American teachers
Magdalena Kębłowska: The role of the foreign language teacher in the classroom - The teachers’ beliefs and role behavior versus the students’ expectations
Andrzej Kopcewicz: Limbo: From Finnegans wake to At Swim-Two-Birds
Manuel Aguirre: Phasing Beowulf : An aspect of narrative structure in fairytale and epic
Joanna Maciulewicz: In the space between history and fiction - the role of Walter Scott’s fictional prefaces


Reviews (single pdf file)

Manfred Voss: A history of English: A sociolinguistic approach. By Barbara A. Fennell
Minako Nakayasu: A grammar of Shakespeare’s language. By Norman Francis Blake