John Anderson: Only connect
Grzegorz A. Kleparski: Churls, harlots and sires: The semantics of Middle English synonyms od man
Luis Iglesias-Rábade: The Middle English preposition in: A semantic analysis
Janez Orešnik : Naturalness: Some English (morpho)syntactic analysis
Elżbieta Górska: On partonomy and taxonomy
Boris Hlebec: Connectivity and indirect connection in English
Trinidad Guzmán-Gonzáles: Revisiting the revisited: Could we survive without the Great Vovel Shift?
Bogusława Whyatt: Reading for translation: Investigating the process of foreign language text comprehension from an information processing perspective
Radosław Dylewski: Personal endings of ablaut verbs in Early American writings
Stanislav J. Kavka: Inflectional and/versus derivational morphology: Clear-cut types or continua?
Renata Szczepaniak: What users do with dictonaries in situations of comprehension deficit: An empirical study
Jerzy Zybert: Form in learning foreign lexis
Yuri Tambovtsev - Ludmila Tambovtsev - Juliana Tambovtsev: Some stylistic typological distances between the prose of some British writers
Maciej Machniewski: The phenomenon of cryptic interference: Some remarks concerning the process of translation on the basis of an empirical study of sight translation
Paulina Ambroży: The black bird of Edgar Allan Poe and Wallace Stevens’ Thirteen blackbirds
Oyeniyi Okunoye - Akin Odebunmi: Different story, different strategy: A comparative study of Achebe’s style(s) in A man of the people and Anthills of the Savannah
Steven Carter: The reader erect: Edgar Allan Poe’s “The premature burial”


Reviews (single pdf file)

Elżbieta Adamczyk: The continental backgrounds of English and its insular development until 1154. By Hans. F. Nielsen
Matylda Włodarczyk-Golka: English words: History and structure. By Robert Stockwell – Donka Minkova
Anna Hebda: An introduction to Middle English. By Simon Horobin – Jeremy Smith

Konrad Szcześniak: Time for words. Edited by Janusz Arabski