Borsley: Some remarks on heads
Viereck: Social dialectology: A plea for more data
Nagucka: The grammar of OE hatan
Greene: The gospel of the blessed bramble
Krzyszpien: The periphrastic subjunctive with magan in Old English
Carstensen: The influence of English on German syntactic problems
Fidelholtz: Neutralization in English syllables and its relation to rhyme in poetry
Puppel: Some notes on the non-cyclic assignment of stress contours in disyllabic verbs and nouns in English
Bald: English intonation and politeness
Fidelholtz: English spelling as a near-optimal orthography
Kryk: Presupposition and its application to the analysis of factive verbs
Beatty: An analysis of some verbs of motion in English
Pogonowski: Global properties of language levels
Majewicz: Ethnonyms of Siberia and their adjectivisation in English
Moser: The island and the vision: English renaissance approaches to the problem of perfection
Sebouhian: Apocalyptic vision and the American character
Kuk-Korytowska: The fiction of John Hawkes. The structured vision
Durczak: Norman Mailer’s Why are we in Vietnam? as an epilogue to William Faulkner’s hunting sequel of “Big Bottom woods”
Grove: Some observations on the “marvelous” Old wives’ tale

Reviews (single pdf file)
Borsley: Logic in linguistics. By Jens Allwood – Lars-Gunnar Andersson – Östen Dahl
Greene: A study in generative historical linguistics. By Mirosław Nowakowski
Manczak: A reference grammar for students of English. By R.A. Close
Lewicki: The US federal system of government. By Elżbieta Ryszka