Thomas L. Markey : English -s vs. -th in the third person singular: Historical contrasts and cross language argumentation

Veronika Kniezsa : Accents and digraphs in the Peterborough Chronicle

Xavier Dekeyser – Mia Ingels : Socio-historical aspects of relativisation in late 16th century English: Ca. 1550-1600

Roman Kopytko : The impersonal use of verbs in William Shakespeare’s plays

Roderick W. McConchie : “It hurteth memorie and hindreth learning”: Attitudes to the use of the vernacular in sixteenth century English medical writings

Andreas Ahlqvist : Of unknown [?] origin

Michael D. Linn : The origin and development of the Iron Range dialect in northern Minnesota

Andrei Danchev : Historical dialect split and later language contact: Old Bulgarian jat’ and Modern English /a/ in Modern Bulgarian

Rudolf Emons : Chomsky’s grammar as a paradigm?

Esko V. Pennanen : Word-formation revisited. Topical aspects of English word-formation

Peter Erdmann : Postposed indefinite of-pronouns

Göran Kjellmer : Conjunctional/adverbial which in substandard English

Theodore C. Johnson : English vulgarism and second language learners

Leszek Skibniewski : The writing processes of advanced foreign language learners in their native and foreign languages: Evidence from thinking-aloud and behavior protocols

Johnson O. Nwabuwe : Reason as supplementary ration in Thomas Hardy’s Desperate remedies

Jarosław Sokół : Examples of direct carnivalization from Hemingway

Zbigniew Wojtyś : The dialectics of fiction: Flann O’Brien’s At Swim-Two-Birds

Dorota Głowacka : Fantasy of water-lily and ice-nine: Metaphor of death in Boris Vian’s L’écume des jours and Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s cradle


Reviews (single pdf file)

Wojciech Kalaga : On the analysis of the literary text. By Wiesław Krajka – Andrzej Zgorzelski

Wolfgang Viereck : The linguistic atlas of Scotland. Scots section. Volume III: Phonology. Edited by J.Y. Mather – H.H. Speitel

Wolfgang Viereck : Language variety in the South: Perspectives in black and white. Edited by Michael B. Montgomery – Guy Bailey