John Anderson: Contrastivity and non-specification in a dependency phonology of English
Juan de la Cruz: Psych-verbs in Old English: From their origin in the lexicon to final syntactic structure
Marcin Krygier: The strong verb system in the Peterborough Chronicle
Stanisław Puppel: Some aspects of the monitoring (regulation) function in speech production
Eirlys E. Davies: The names of love: Vocatives and signatures in valentine messages
Roger Berry: “Blackpool would be a nice place unless there were so many tourists” - some misconceptions about English grammar
Hanna Komorowska: Curriculum development for in-service teacher education in Poland
Frančiška Trobevšek Drobnak: The Old English preverbal ge- in the light of the theory of language changes as strengthening or weakening
Michał Jankowski: Practical automatic phonemic transcription systems
Adriaan M. de Lange: A pluralist approach to postmodernist fictional endings
Nora Kelecsenyi: The representation of Black English in black fiction after the 1940’s
Leszek Ryniak: Emotions and Space: A cognitive approach to metaphor in Samuel Beckett’s Happy Day’s
Liliana Sikorska: The language of entropy: A pragma-dramatic analysis of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame
Henryk Zbierski: Some notes on Polish translations of Shakespeare’s plays: Past and present


Reviews (single pdf file)

Andreas H. Jucker : Early Middle English syntax. By Lilo Moessner
Włodzimierz Sobkowiak: Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. By J.C. Wells
Elżbieta Mańczak-Wohlfeld: Languages in contact and contrast. By Vladimir Ivir – Damir Kalogjera