Aimo Seppänen – Rhonwen Bowen – Joe Trotta: On the so-called complex prepositions
William Bennet: A case of syntactic change in English
Jiří Nosek: Winston S. Churchill’s use of metaphors
Agnieszka Kiełkiewicz-Janowiak: Sociolinguistics and the computer: Pronominal address in Shakespeare
Elżbieta Sielanko: Split coordinated structures in late Old English
Aleksy Mołczanow: Set reference relationships and the phrasal syntax of quantifiers in English
Carisma Dreyer – Johann L. van der Walt: The significance of learner variables as predictors of ESL proficiency
Anna Cieślicka-Ratajczak: The mental lexicon in Second Language Learning
Jan Rusiecki: Language improvement schemes in teacher training programmes as seen by teachers and teacher trainers
Bogusława Whyatt: Baby Talk - the language addressed to language-acquiring children: A review of the problem
Andrzej Kopcewicz: The Machine in Henry Adams, Frank R. Stockton and Thomas Pynchon. A paradigmatic reading
Marcin Turski: John Barth’s playful treatment of history in The Sot-weed factor
K. Narayana Chandran: “In memory only...”: Allusions to T.S. Eliot’s poetry in Donald Barthelme’s Great days
Liliana Sikorska: Lost in the labyrinth: Some aspects of difference and translation
Jacek Fabiszak: The (inter-)theatricality of Marlovian Prologues
Gerard Nawrocki: The Blithedale romance and Charles Fourier
Henryk Zbierski: Joseph Conrad world wide and his Polish footprints


Reviews (single pdf file)

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