Hill: Trees of descent in linguistics and textual criticism
Afendras & Tzannes: More on informational entropy, redundancy and sound change
Cygan: Distinctive features and final consonant clusters in English
Kaluza: Some examples of motivation in transformational grammar
Nagucka: Some remarks on genitival relations in English
Szwedek: The English finite verb system
Awedyk: Some remarks on the phonology of Old English
Kopczynski: Degree of voicing in initial stops in educated Polish and American English
Marton: Transformational grammar, psychology and foreign language textbooks
Kielar: The method of double context in translation
Sroka: Compositional and locational features of verbal constructions
Kopcewicz: Assertion of loneliness (Robert Penn Warren’s The ballad of Billie Potts)
Richards: Patrick White, Australian novelist
Sienicka: William Carlos Williams’ theory and practice of poetic measure
Zbierski: Possible echoes of Boccaccio’s Decameron the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet

Reviews (single pdf file)
Polański: Introduction to theoretical linguistics. By J. Lyons
Reszkiewicz: La structure de la phrase verbale a l’époque alfrédienne. By P. Bacquet
Marton: The grammar of English predicate complement constructions. By Peter S. Rosenbaum
Kałuża: English transformational grammar. By A. Roderick, A. Jacobs, Peter S. Rosenbaum
Krzeszowski: A psycholinguistic study of phonological interference. By E. J. Briere
Nowakowski: Descriptive analysis of discourse in Late West Saxon Texts. By Paul W. Pillsbury
Nawrocka-Fisiak: Modern English structure. By Barbara M.H. Strang
Wegner: A structural history of English. By J. Nist
Sehnert: Wielki słownik polsko-angielski. The great Polish-English dictionary. By J. Stanisławski
Zacharzewska: J. Stanisławski. By A. Friedman
Krassowski: Heaven beguiles the tired: Death in the poetry of Emily Dickinson. By Thomas W. Ford
Makowiecki: Lawrence Durrel, a study. By George S. Fraser