MIEKO OGURA – WILLIAM S-Y. WANG: Ambiguity and language evolution: Evolution of homophones and syllable number of words

R. M. W. DIXON: The articles in English

WOLFGANG VIERECK: Language policy in Germany and beyond

PIOTR GĄSIOROWSKI: A Shibboleth upon their Tongues: Early English /r/ revisited

RICHARD INGHAM: Negative concord and the loss of the negative particle ne in Late Middle English

JERZY WEŁNA: Permanent and sporadic loss of the semivowel [w] after consonants in medieval English, with special reference to so, also and such

MICHAEL BILYNSKY: Derivationally related deverbal synonyms in Middle English

ISABEL MOSKOWICH – BEGOŅA CRESPO: Lop-webbe and henne cresse: Morphological aspects of the scientific register in Late Middle English

CRISTINA MOURON-FIGUEROA: In-phrases from a semantic perspective: Evidence from The York Cycle

ILSE WISCHER: Markers of futurity in Old English and the grammaticalization of shall and will

EWA CISZEK: LME -ship(e)

PIOTR JAKUBOWSKI: On derivational suffixes in three Late Middle English romances: Guy of Warwick, Bevis of Hampton, and Sultan of Babylon

PIOTR JAKUBOWSKI: Verb forms in medieval Anglo-Irish texts

GABRIELE KNAPPE – MICHAEL SCHUMANN: Thou and ye: A collocational-phraseological approach to pronoun change in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

AGNIESZKA WAWRZYNIAK: The semantic dissolution of the structure in ME shulen on its path to epistemicity

FRANCESCO J. CORTES RODRIGUEZ – MARTA GONZALEZ ORTA: Anglo-Saxon verbs of sounds: Semantic architecture, lexical representation and constructions

MAGDALENA BATOR: Scandinavian loanwords in English in the 15th century

MAGDALENA ADAMCZYK: Towards a representation of formal makeup of puns in Shakespeare’s Love’s labour’s lost: A corpus-based study

AZIZ THABIT SAEED – SHEHDEH FAREH: Some contextual considerations in the use of synonymous verbs: The case of steal, rob, and burglarize

ISABEL DE LA CRUZ CABANILLAS – CRISTINA TEJEDOR MARTÍNEZ: Chicken or hen?: Domestic fowl metaphors denoting human beings

CAROLINA RODRÍGUEZ JUÁREZ: A multi-dimensional description of Subject assignment in English: A corpus-based study

HERBERT IGBOANUSI: Syntactic innovation processes in Nigerian English

JOANNA BUKOWSKA: Studies on Old and Middle English literature in Poland (1910-2006)

JANUSZ SEMRAU: De same ole Huck – America’s speculum meditantis. A (p)re-view

SEBASTIAN SOBECKI: Nature’s farthest verge or landscapes beyond allegory and rhetorical convention? The case of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Petrarch’s Ascent of Mount Ventoux

BARBARA KOWALIK: A popular code for the annunciation in Medieval English lyrics

CLAYTON G. MACKENZIE: Ideas of landscape in John Keats’ Teignmouth poems

AGNIESZKA KOŁODZIEJSKA: “But why do I describe what all must see?”: Verbal explication in the Stuart Masque

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