Comrie: Order and tell in a transformational grammar of English
McDavid: New directions in American dialectology
Zabrocki: Some remarks on the transformational analysis of sentences with modal adverbs
Sharwood Smith & Sehnert: The verbalization of instrumentals in English
Erdmann: On the graphemic representation of ME /g/ in Modern English
Lewandowska: Indirect questions in the English of the fifteenth century
Lewandowska: Some remarks on interrogative and relative pronouns in English
Gussmann: Global rules and phonological processes
Lipinska: Existential sentences in English and Polish
Krzeszowski: Contrastive generative grammar
Kaznowski: Some observations on the intuitive understanding of the concept of agency
Enkvist: “Theme dynamics” and style: An experiment
Nowakowska: Metaphor from a linguistic point of view
Pakosz: Some aspects of the role of intonation in English versification
Rulewicz: Some modern theories of poetic drama
Siedlecka: Caryle’s conception of history
Jedrzejkiewicz: The exposure of literary conventions in “The Egoist” by George Meredith

Reviews (single pdf file)
Nawrocka-Fisiak: An introductory transformational grammar. By Bruce L. Liles
Nawrocka-Fisiak: Introductory transformational grammar of English. By Mark Lester
Arabski: The acquisition of syntax in children from 5 to 10. By Carol Chomsky
Welna: A history of English. By Barbara M.H. Strang
Sysak: Topic and comment: A study in Russian and general transformational grammar. By Östen Dahl
Rusiecki: From deep to surface structure. An introduction to transformational syntax. By Marina K. Burt
Strzetelski: Lingwistyczne podstawy programowania języka (Linguistic foundations of language programming). By Aleksander Szulc
Kielar: Manual of lexicography. By Ladislav Zgusta
Napiorkowska: Shakespeare and the ambiguity of love’s triumph. By Charles R.R. Lyons