Cruz: Context-sensitivity in Old and Middle English
Kakietek: The perfect auxiliaries in the language of Shakespeare
Walton: Some considerations on the nihil obstat analysis of the modal auxiliary verb can
Iwanicka: Yes, no and so
Porter: Scientific English: An oversight in stylistics?
Krzyzynski: A study of the attitudes and motivation of learners of English in Polish secondary schools
Siarkiewicz: Teaching English in the language laboratory: A pilot study for a questionnaire
Martin: Towards a definition of phonological competence - an evaluative matrix
Krzyzanowski: Programmed instruction and the teaching of grammar: A cognitive view
Pawalowski: An analysis of the effect of motivational complex upon the attitude of commitment to the study of English in selected groups of Polish students
Napiorkowska: Language as an aspect of the search for identity in Harold Pinter’s The Homecoming
Wiszniowska: Elizabethans of modern stage. Shakespeare and Marlowe versus Marowitz and Bond
Weselinski: Irony and melodrama in The heart of the matter

Reviews (single pdf file)
Rustowski: Convention and generic instability of the English gothic novel
Weist: The psychology of language. By Jerry A. Fodor – Thomas Bever – Merrill F. Garrett
Kaluza: Linguistic stylistics. By Nils Erick Enkvist
Kuhlwein: Proceedings of the third congress of the Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée, Copenhagen 1972. By G. Nickel
Nawrocka-Fisiak: Error analysis. By J.C. Richards
Janicki: Sociolinguistics. An introduction. By Peter Trudgill
Janicki: New frontiers in Second Language Learning. By John H. Schumann – Nancy Stenson
Morel-Melerowicz: A grammar of subordinate structures in English. By Eldon G. Lytle