Search the PICLE corpus
(plus some comparable English and Polish corpora)




Perl Concordancer*
(by Paweł Nowak; early script by Adam Przepiórkowski)

one search on many corpora + simple & regular expression search syntax + adjustable left & right context size + random sampling of specified number of lines + hit line indexing + clickable wider context viewer + primary & secondary sort keys + case-sensitive sort on demand + lots more ...

(copyright Someya Yasumasa)

frequency list of bigrams + adjustable collocation span + collocates can be words / phrases / regular expressions

IFA Student Concordancer
(by Paweł Nowak; a special version of Perl Concordancer)

authorized users only + personalized access (username and password) + special corpora for EAP writing at IFA

Error Concordancer
(by Paweł Nowak and P. Kaszubski)

frequency list of student writer errors + hyperlinks to error concordance search + integration with Perl Concordancer

*The marked tools have been developed or adapted from original scripts generously supplied by the credited authors



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