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PLM 2006 Photo Vault -- Gallery two (52 images)

All the images in this gallery have been resized to 1024 pixels at their longer edge. Most were taken by Roland Noske. Grzegorz Michalski has taken the liberty of tuning some of these in Picasa (to make it fast, easy, and for free), basically raising the luminance, and in some instances tweaking the Kelvins.

The images in this gallery come from days 1 to 4 of PLM 2006. Shot on location in: the WSJO building (where the sessions took place), 'Piano Bar' (where the PLM 2006 Banquet was held), and 'Bee Jays's' (were some unofficial meeting took place).

Send your inquiries to Grzegorz Michalski, grzegorz (at) ifa amu edu pl

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