37th Poznań Linguistic Meeting

20-23 April 2006


PLM 2006 Photo Vault -- index

So far, there are three galleries available for public viewing:

PLM 2006 Photo Vault -- Gallery one (322 images) -- Grzegorz Michalski

PLM 2006 Photo Vault -- Gallery two (52 images) -- Roland Noske

PLM 2006 Photo Vault -- Gallery three (20 images) -- Jarosław Weckwerth

As a bonus, there is also The Spilt Second Treat, where you can see the effect of a curious photographic duel between Grzegorz Michalski and Roland Noske.

If you would like to expand the vault, please send your photos taken during PLM 2006 or related events to Grzegorz Michalski, grzegorz (at) ifa amu edu pl

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