37th PoznaƄ Linguistic Meeting

20-23 April 2006

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The abstract submission procedure is now closed.

We welcome submissions for sessions already included on the programme, as well as proposals for any additional sessions or workshops.

Each submission must be accompanied by an abstract in English, with a length of about 500 words. (This does not include bibliography, if any.)

The abstract should state the title of the submission, full names and affiliations of all the authors, and a contact email address of the main author.

The abstract should be word processed, with 2.5 cm margins on all sides, double-spaced, font face Times New Roman or equivalent, font size 12 pts.

Please save the abstract as a Microsoft Word document (.doc) and submit it by email to plmifa.amu.edu.pl. Please keep the formatting and special text attributes to an absolute minimum.

If you cannot produce an MS Word file, please submit a plain text (.txt) file.

If you need to include phonetic fonts or special symbols, please use the DoulosSIL font available from here, or submit a .pdf file. Abstracts using fonts other than DoulosSIL may cause problems in further processing. (Notice that DoulosSIL is different from SILDoulos!)

All abstracts will be reviewed by our International Advisory Board.

General abstract submission deadline: 15 January 2006. [Note: Submission deadlines for individual sessions may vary. Please check on the pages of the session you would like to submit your abstract to.]

Notification of acceptance: 15 February 2006.

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