PLM2010 thematic discussion sessions

The three thematic discussion sessions are as follows:

  • Competing explanations of language change and variation [see call for papers]
    conveners: Piotr Gąsiorowski & Jarosław Weckwerth
  • Competing explanations of phonology [see call for papers]
    conveners: Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk & Grzegorz Michalski
  • Lexical and functional decomposition in syntax [see call for papers]
    conveners: Jacek Witkoś & Bartosz Wiland

The thematic discussion sessions will take place on Friday, 24 September (Syntax), Saturday, 25 September (Change and variation) and Sunday, 26 September (Phonology), and will be preceded by invited plenary talks related to the session themes.