Robert Stevick: Graphotactics of the Old English “Alexander’s letter to Aristotle”
Elżbieta Adamczyk: Grammatical change in Old English strong verbs: Early traces of elimination
John Anderson: No less than four notes on less
Jerzy Wełna: Middle English ē-raising: A prelude to the Great Vowel Shift
Hildegard Tristram: Diglossia in Anglo-Saxon England, or what was spoken Old English like?
Ewa Ciszek: On some French elements in Early Middle English word derivation
Leena Kahlas-Tarkka: A “two-way relationship in English” revisited: On reciprocal expressions in early English, with a digression into Modern English uses
Michael Bilynsky: Binary correlations of Middle English one-root deverbal coinages in the OED textual prototypes
Marcin Grygiel: Semantic changes within the domain BOY in panchronic perspective
Begońa Crespo García – Isabel Moskowich-Spiegel Fandiño: Enlarging the lexicon: The field of technology and administration from 1150 to 1500
Joanna Nykiel: The saving slide to dynamism: Ellipsis caught up in its otherness
Radosław Dylewski: The n-less versus -n past participle forms of certain ablaut verbs in seventeenth and early eighteenth century American and British English
Wojciech Kwarciński: Recipient design of statutes and judgments
Anna Cieślicka: Lexical-level representation of morphologically complex words: Effects of priming Polish compound words with stem- or compound-related associates
Aziz Thabit Saeed: Some pragmatic considerations in the positioning of if-clause in conditional sentences
Sane M. Yagi – Shehdeh Fareh: Parallel conjunctive relations in EFL
Mirosław Pawlak: On the effectiveness of options in grammar teaching: Translating theory and research into classroom practice
Monika Tarantowicz-Gasiewicz: Linguistic computer tutors and learner autonomy
Anna Czarnowus: “My cours, that hath so wyde for to turne,/ Hath moore power than woot any man”: The children of Saturn in Chaucer’s Monk’s Tale
Agnieszka Setecka: Courtly love in the world “without a hero”: W.M. Thackeray’s Vanity fair
Joanna Maciulewicz: Sir Walter Scott’s licentia historica – the historical novel as a displaced romance
Dominika Ruszkowska-Buchowska: Cubist aesthetics in Stevens’ “The man with the blue guitar”: Defence against surrealism
Hiroyuki Ito: The lexicon in Dickens (T. Yamamoto, Growth and system of the language of Dickens: An introduction to a Dickens lexicon)
Marcin Krygier: An introduction to Old English. (Edinburgh textbooks on the English Language). By Richard Hogg
Agnieszka Pysz: English from Cædmon to Chaucer: The literary development of English. By S. Terrie Curran