Aimo Seppänen: On the status of the that/the contrast in Present-day English
Bernhard Diensberg: A phonological and semantic description of animal sounds as found in Modern English dialects
Rostislav Pazukhin: Proper names: A dispute of misconceptions
Anatolij M. Mukhin: Valency and combinatorial capacity of verbs
Juliette Dor: Chaucer and dialectology
Przemysław Tajsner: On the nature of some indicative-subjunctive asymmetry in Polish
Rafał Molencki: Some observations on relative clauses in the Old English version of Bede’s Historia ecclesiastica gentis anglorum
Anna Malicka-Kleparska: “One affix - one rule” vs. “categorial derivational rule” - a re-appraisal
John J. Staczek: Sentential and discoursal reflexives in English: A matter of variation
Anna Charęzińska: Radical pragmatics and the scope of negation
Grażyna Rowicka: Synthetical comparison of English adjectives
Romuald Gozdawa-Gołębiowski: Functional approach to pronominal anaphora
A.E. Eruvbetine: John Keats’s notion of the poetic imagination
Piotr Sadowski: Time and destiny - in search of the cosmological conceptions underlying Hamlet’s story
Urszula Tempska: The spatial aspects of five chosen novels by Jane Austen and Charlotte and Emily Brontës
Eid Daihiyat: The Philistine deity Dagon: The semitic origin and two possible derivations
Eirlys E. Davies: The role of the title in poetic discourse
Marek Wilczyński: Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” - an attempt at deconstruction

Reviews (single pdf file)
Włodzimierz Sobkowiak: Introducing phonology. By Peter Hawkins
Andreas H. Jucker: Relevance. Communication and cognition. By Dan Spencer – Deirde Wilson
Bernhard Diensberg: Forms and meaning of the verbs contained in MS. Bodley 34. By Juliette de Caluwé-Dor
Ruta Nagucka: Complementation in Middle English and the methodology of historical syntax: A study of the Wyclifite sermons. By Anthony Warner
Janusz Semrau: Metafiction. The theory and practice of self-conscious fiction. By Patricia Waugh