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Horn: An analysis of certain reflexive verbs and its implications for the organization of the lexicon
Wegner: Some aspects of predicate relations in complex sentences in the fifteenth century English
Armborst: The Germanic diphthongs ai and au in Old Frisian and Old English and the origin of the Old English (West Saxon) digraph ie
Nowakowska: On generativity (Can grammars generate the language of poetry)
Rybarkiewicz: On the nature of the concepts “given” and “new” in linguistic analysis
Rybarkiewicz: The word order in Old English prose and the functional sentence perspective
Fries: English predications of comparison
Csapo: A contrastive study of lexical relations in English and Hungarian
Bantas: A bird’s-eye view of English influences upon the Romanian lexis
Bruder & Paulston: A typology of structural pattern drills
Mendelius: The Buffalo Polish community – a preliminary profile
Balazy: External mediation in Flannery O’Connors Wise blood
Kalaga: Harold Pinter’s tragicomic techniques
Napiorkowska: Harold Pinter’s No man’s land: Communication in the making

Reviews (single pdf file)
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