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PLM2008 :: 11-14 September 2008


Collegium Europaeum Gnesnense, a venue PLM first used in 2007, is located in the city of Gniezno (see below). The main CEG building has lecture halls, computer labs, and offices. The CEG campus also contains a dining-hall and a dormitory with single and double rooms, each with an en-suite bathroom and wired Internet access. All conference rooms are equipped with computers and data projectors. The campus is located within walking distance (20 minutes) from the city centre. Accommodation in a high-standard hotel in the city centre is also available.

You can check the exact location of the CEG within Gniezno here (Google Maps, opens in a new tab/window).

Gniezno is a city of about 70,000 inhabitants, located some 50 km north-east of Poznań. It boasts a history of over a thousand years, having been the first capital of Poland in the 10th and 11th centuries. The city centre contains the magnificent 14th-century Gniezno Cathedral, while several tourist routes traverse the surrounding scenic countryside.

Details on how to get to Gniezno are available in the Practical information section.

Selected CEG photos from PLM2007

Below is a selection of photos taken at the CEG campus during PLM2007. Click on a thumbnail to zoom in. Another 670 photos taken during PLM2007 are available from the PLM2007 photo vault. (Links open in new tabs/windows.)