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PLM2007 Session: Celtic languages — their description and impact

The session will, first of all, deal with the description of Celtic languages and secondly with their impact on neighbouring tongues.

Any Celtic language so far known can be described in any chosen period and this by making use of various approaches. The time of impact of the Celtic languages is not restricted either. As such a major contribution will come from Prof. Tristram (Freiburg i.Br), talking about "Shifting Britons - The Contribution of Late British to Medieval English".

All those who wish to give a paper should send their abstracts to the PLM Organising Committee ( For further details as regards the abstracts, please refer to the submission instructions.

Publication of the papers is envisaged.

All those interested in presenting a paper, please make sure that you register for the conference.

Session organiser: Sabine Heinz (email: preifat at