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Practical information

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By Train

Poznań is located about half way between Warsaw (280 km) and Berlin (240 km), and there are good, frequent rail connections between those two cities and Poznań.

Gniezno is located about 50 km north-east of Poznań, on the main Poznań-Gdańsk route. There are very frequent rail connections between the two cities. Note: if you travel from the north (Gdynia, Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz), you can reach Gniezno without a stopover/change in Poznań.

Check your connections using the timetables of the Polish Railways, or German Railways.

By road

Gniezno is north-east of Poznań on Route 5 (E261), which you can use to reach it from Poznań and the north (Gdynia, Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz). From the east, you can reach Gniezno by taking Route A2/2 (E30) to Września, and continuing north from there along Route 15.

You can check the location of Gniezno on Google Maps here (opens in a new window). A more detailed view showing the location of CEG within Gniezno is available here (opens in a new window).

There will also be a coach transfer option for PLM participants, from Poznań to Gniezno in the afternoon of 12 September (Wedensday), and from Gniezno to Poznań in the afternoon of 16 September (Sunday). More information in our 3rd Circular [pdf].

By Air

Gniezno does not have an airport. You need to get to Poznań and continue by rail or road from there.

Poznań's Ławica airport has frequent daily connections with Warsaw (LOT Polish Airlines), as well as Copenhagen (SAS), Frankfurt/Main and Munich (LOT and Lufthansa), and Dublin (Aer Lingus).

The low-cost carriers Wizzair and Ryanair provide connections with London Luton and Stockholm Skavsta; and London Stansted, Liverpool and Dublin, respectively.

The Poznań airpot timetable is available here. However, please verify with the respective airlines whether the flights are available.


The złoty (abbreviated PLN or zł) is the official currency in Poland. The approximate exchange rate (25 Aug 2007) is 3.84 zloties to a Euro (or 2.81 zloties to a US Dollar). The latest exchange rates for all major currencies are available here.


Polish sockets are standard European sockets, with a voltage of 230 V/50Hz. All visitors coming from countries using appliances/plugs that do not work with such sockets/voltages (especially American and British guests) are advised to bring adapters.


All European mobiles will work without problems. Polish operators use both of the two standard European GSM bands, 1800 and 900 MHz. Visitors coming from the US need a tri-band phone.

The international code for Poland is +48; the area code for both Poznań and Gniezno is 61.


Polish weather is usually quite agreeable in September, with temperatures between 15 and 20 Centigrade during the day. Nights can be cooler. With worse luck, a raincoat and umbrella may find some use. Current forecast available here.