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Presentations and papers

Below are pdf versions of some of the presentations and papers given at PLM2007. All materials have been submitted by the authors themselves, and the copyright remains with the authors. Abstracts of all papers presented at PLM2007 can be found here.

Vladimir A. Bondar
Pronominal objects and in Old English Texts

Nuria Bello Piñón
Aiming to feature lectures: diachronic study of code-switching and borrowing in scientific English

Marcus Callies and Konrad Szcześniak
Links klicken, grosse Hallen spielen, und Economy fliegen - cases of syntactic borrowings from English?

Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk and Grzegorz Krynicki
Phonotactic preferences in Polish, English and German: quantitative perspective

Rosalind R. Gann
Linguistic accommodation among AAVE and WAVE youngsters in a time of community conflict

Katherine Horwinski Healy
French Creoles of Colour in English - Origins of Louisiana Dialect (examples from the Badin/Metoyer family in the 1800s)

Joanna Jendryczka-Wierszycka
Vagueness of tags in Poglish and Polish

Marcin Kilarski and Paula Orzechowska
The role of phonotactics in gender assignment in Polish

Małgorzata Kul
Issues in lenition and fortition

Ana E. Martínez Insua and Javier Pérez-Guerra
It is more complex to read letters than drama (really?): on linguistic complexity and text-type variation in the recent history of English

Grzegorz Michalski
Double-linked left-edge vowels in CVCV. A case of Poznan-Cracow voicing

Katarzyna Miechowicz-Mathiasen
The role of fuctional features in the derivational procedure: a new account of EPP-effects, case and agreement

Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska
The struggle of ideologies and the evolution of meaning of political labels (on the example of “liberal” and “conservative”)

Marcin R. Odelski
Ecology of the Kashubian language

Carmen Scherer
Morphological and syntactical properties of verbal anglicisms in German

Anna Snarska
Partial control under (partial) control?

Włodzimierz Sobkowiak
Deliberate mispronunciation in EFL e-dictionaries: integrating PDI with TTS [external link]

Piotr Stalmaszczyk
Category fusion. Prepositional constructions in Celtic languages

Adrianna Strugielska
Intransitivity: from conceptual schematicity to clause structure

Kensei Sugayama
How cognitive/discourse factors can influence argument realisation: A case of object omission

Ryotaro Tashiro
The use of voiced labiodental fricative /v/ among American L2 learners of Spanish

Barbara Tomaszewicz
Subjunctive complementizers in Polish

Alicja Witalisz
Some remarks on hidden anglicisms

Paulina Zydorowicz
Polish (mor)phonotactics: acquisition and markedness