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PLM2007 Session: Dynamic phonology

Citing the inherent variability found in speech, Port and Leary (2005, Language 81(4), 927-964) advocate abandoning formal phonology in favour of a dynamical approach. While this proposal may be radical, it presents a clear challenge to phonological theory to incorporate dynamic sound patterns. This session seeks to go beyond traditional 'phonetically based phonology' by taking a discrete perspective on inherently dynamic phenomena. We are looking for papers that address any or all of the following questions. What kinds of dynamic phenomena may (or may not) be modelled in phonological analyses? Which phonological framework is best suited to incorporate the dynamics of speech? How can we formalize formant transitions or coarticulation? Can transitions even be considered as phonological objects? How can we represent 'fuzzy' boundaries between phonological categories?

Please send abstracts to the PLM Organising Committee ( in accordance with the submission instructions.

Session organiser: Geoff Schwartz (email: geoff at