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PLM2007 Session: North American dialects

We are pleased to announce that the program of the PLM 2007 will include a session on North American dialects/varieties of English, encompassing both social and regional dialects of American English as well as African American Vernacular English and Canadian English. Abstracts are welcome not only on any area of the structure of contemporary dialects/varieties: phonetics, morphology, grammar, semantics, sociolinguistics, etc., but also on the history of English in North America and its regional and social manifestations.

It is hoped that the session will provide an important forum of exchange of ideas on a wide array of dialectological issues, as viewed from either contemporary or historical perspective.

Presentations will have the usual format: 20 minutes in length, followed by a 10-minute discussion period. Abstracts should be approximately 500 words long and prepared in accordance with the general submission guidelines; they should be submitted by e-mail to; Please do remember about the registration procedure. Inquiries may be directed to Radosław Dylewski, session organiser (email: dradek at