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PLM2008 :: 11-14 September 2008

PLM2008 Workshop Session: African languages in advance: language technology and acquisition

With the leitmotif of the 39th PLM in mind, the workshop “African languages in advance” will focus on recent South African linguistic perspectives. In a multilingual society, with eleven official languages, research in language is more needed than ever. The South African Government’s Department of Arts and Culture realised the importance of maintaining linguistic diversity and that is why a national strategy for human language technology (HLT) was drafted in 2004 “to provide for setting up a national HLT facility to co-ordinate research, development, training and consultation” (link to PDF source – size: 1MB, opens in a new tab/window).

During this workshop, we want to discuss the advances in the field of human language technology (speech and text technology) and research in language acquisition in the past few years. The topics will range from the developing of core technologies (e.g. parsers, morphological analysers) and applications (e.g. electronic dictionaries, spellcheckers and language acquisition packages) to the methodology of language acquisition (especially in a multicultural environment such as South Africa). This will also be an opportunity for interaction between South African and European researchers.

Session organisers

Karien Brits (Adam Mickiewicz University), e-mail: karien (at)
Aleksandra Cichocka (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań), e-mail: olukomska (at)
(In the addresses above, replace (at) with @)

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