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PLM2008 :: 11-14 September 2008

PLM2008 Workshop Session: Discourses of identity

Identity is a common concept of a set of social scientific interests from sociology across social psychology to linguistics. It is shaped by and enacted within different communication arenas: from everyday discourse to media messages. The workshop intends to collect, present and discuss studies which aim to analyze the process and product of identity construction in and through language and other semiotic systems. We encourage contributions from such related fields as

  • conversation and discourse analysis;
  • conceptual metaphor analysis;
  • traditional and applied sociolinguistics;
  • variationist studies;
  • linguistic pragmatics;
  • media studies.

The session will focus on, but will not be limited to the following topics:

  • identity in transformation:
    • redefinition of nationality,
    • re-awakening of nationalistic discourse,
    • local national identities vs. European identity;
  • identity as a process of negotiation;
  • identity of the minorities (ethnic, gender, the homeless, the disabled, the elderly);
  • the formation of the image of the mother country as a part of immigrant identity;
  • the reconceptualization of the self and the other;
  • identity vs. multiculturalism vs. increased mobility.

Researchers from a number of disciplines, such as linguistics, social studies, political science, etc., are invited either as contributors or audience.

Session organisers

Péter Bodor (ELTE University, Budapest), e-mail: peter.bodor (at)
Małgorzata Fabiszak (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań), e-mail: fagosia (at)
(In the addresses above, replace (at) with @)

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