Current issue

Volume 59(4), December 2023: Festscrhift for Prof. Jacek Witkoś on his 60th Birthday

Table of Contents

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Przemysław Tajsner, Bartosz Wiland: Introduction to the special issue

Anna Bondaruk: The syntax of two existential unaccusative verbs in Polish

Piotr Cegłowski: A note on the mixed properties of the nominal structure in Polish

Paulina Łęska-Bayraktar, Sylwiusz Żychliński: A panoramic view of acceptability judgments in Polish generative linguistics

Bożena Rozwadowska: From experiencer verbs to Agree-and-Move: a review of Bind Me Tender, Bind Me Do!

Egor Tsedryk: Infinitival clauses with dative subjects: goal-oriented directedness in space and time