Current issue

Volume 52(3), October 2016

Table of Contents

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Shima Ghahari: Nataayej reproducibility nadaare: Introductory conceptualization and macrolinguistic functions of reverse code-switching

Mohsen Khedri: Are we visible? An interdisciplinary data-based study of self-mention in research articles

Didem Koban Koç: Social variables and Turkish subject pronoun use in New York City: The effect of language contact

Lívia Kӧrtvélyessy: Word-formation in Slavic languages

Payam Ghaffarvand Mokari and Stefan Werner: An acoustic description of spectral and temporal characteristics of Azerbaijani vowels

Joanna Śmiecińska: Emotional and linguistic prosody development in Polish children: Three different paths

Haixia Wang: The (X) thing is: From a matrix clause to a discourse marker