Current issue

Volume 53(3), October 2017

Table of Contents

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Murdhy R. Alshamari: A feature-based analysis of the syntax of the clause-initial discourse particle ʁedɪ in North Hail Arabic

Piotr Cegłowski: Extraction facts and the internal structure of nominal constructions in Polish – (A report on) an empirical study

Aliyeh K. Z. Kambuziya, Amir Ghorbanpour and Nader Mahdipour: Vowel shortening in Persian: A phonological analysis

Mehmet Kanık: Apples and oranges: The case of written and email DCTS

Xue Wu and Lei Lei: A pragmatic force modifiers in ELF academic discussions

Dimitra Melissaropoulou: On the role of language contact in the reorganization of grammar: A case study on two Modern Greek contact-induced varieties

Joanna Śmiecińska: The perception and interpretation of contrastive focus by Polish children and adults