Current issue

Volume 51(1), March 2015

Table of Contents

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Krisda Chaemsaithong: Positioning self and others in the courtroom: Person markers in the opening statement

Chariton Charitonidis: The morphology–pragmatics interface in Modern Greek compounding

Luis M. T. Jesus, Marisa Lousada, Diana Domingues, Andreia Hall, David Tomé: Phonological processes in Portuguese children with speech sound disorders

Rafał Jurczyk: The logical-semantic content of subject: A configurational view from syntax and LF

Nataša Kostić: Antonymy in language use: From core members to ad hoc couplings

Michał Pikusa and Rafał Jończyk: Functional abnormalities in Broca’s area in adolescents with ADHD: A resting-state fMRI study