Current issue

Volume 50(1), 2014

Table of Contents

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Sylwia Wojciechowska and Konrad Juszczyk: Metaphor, metonymy and emotions

Zoltán Kövecses: Conceptualizing emotions. A revised cognitive linguistic perspective

Marta Silvera and Juan José Martínez Rodríguez: Metaphorical use of language vs. descriptive use of language in Wittgenstein's work: Evidencing the production of [architectural] conceptual metaphors in Palais Stonborough

Karolina Rataj: Surfing the brainwaves of metaphor comprehension

Isabelle Needham-Didsbury: Metaphor in psychotherapeutic discourse: Implications for utterance interpretation

Justine Paris: The expression of emotions by second language learners: Metaphor as a linguistic vehicle