Current issue

Volume 56(4), December 2020

Table of Contents

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Nikolaos Lavidas: Isoglosses and language change: Evidence of the rise and loss of isoglosses from a comparison of early Greek and early English

Zuzanna Cal and Jolanta Sypiańska: The interaction of L2 and L3 levels of proficiency in third language acquisition

Małgorzata Gawlik-Kobylińska: Self-reported communicative distance between Polish and English in formal and informal situational contexts

Filip Graliński and Krzysztof Jassem: Mining historical texts for diachronic spelling variants

Folajimi Oyebola and Ulrike Gut: Nigerian newscasters’ English as a model of Standard Nigerian English?

Ivan Milošević and Tijana Vesić Pavlović: A cognitive semantic exploration of English plant phrasal verbs with the particle out and their Serbian counterparts

Eva Maria Luef and Jong-Seung Sun: Wordform-specific frequency effects cause acoustic variation in zero-inflected homophones