Current issue

Volume 57(4), December 2021

Table of Contents

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Yousef Al-Rojaie: Perceptual mapping of linguistic variation in Saudi Arabic dialects

Nicholas Catasso: Some notes on central causal clauses in Venetian

Rafał Jurczyk: Between feature mapping and thematic prominence: Old English se-demonstratives and pronouns in discourse

Bahtiyar Makaroğlu: What the frequency list can teach us about Turkish Sign Language?

Pilar Mur-Dueñas: Engagement markers in research project websites: Promoting interactivity and dialogicity

Eyo O. Mensah: A sociolinguistic study of address terms in a Nigerian university’s staff club

Wen Li: Review of New studies in multi-modality: Conceptual and methodological elaborations, edited by Ognyan Seizov and Janina Wildfeuer