Current issue

Volume 52(4), November 2016

Special issue on monolingual and bilingual speech acqusition across languages

Table of Contents

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Elena Babatsouli and David Ingram: Introduction

Fatma Hülya Özcan, Feyza Altınkamış and Steven Gillis: Early lexical composition of Turkish-Dutch bilinguals: Nouns before verbs or verbs before nouns

Elena Babatsouli, David Ingram and Dimitrios A. Sotiropoulos: Entropy as a measure of mixedupness of realizations in child speech

Kleanthes K. Grohmann, Maria Kambanaros, Evelina Leivada and Charley Rowe: A developmental approach to diglossia: Bilectalism on a gradient scale of linguality

Laila Kjærbæk and Hans Basbøll: Interaction between input frequency, transparency and productivity in acquisition of noun plural inflection in Danish

Shinsook Lee: Native and non-native listeners’ sensitivity to English onset restrictions and universal onset markedness

Ellen Simon, Ronaldo Lima Jr. and Ludovic De Cuypere: Acquiring non-native speech through early media exposure: Belgian children’s productions of English vowels

Elisabeth Zetterholm and Mechtild Tronnier: The same or different: A comparison of the rhythmic structure of Swedish and Albanian