Current issue

Volume 58(3), September 2022

Table of Contents

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Amer Ahmed and Iryna Lenchuk: A dependent case approach to complex event nominals in Standard Arabic

Muteb Alqarni: Word-formation and reduplication in Standard Arabic: A new Distributed Morphology approach

Raphael Berthelé, Peter Lenz and Elisabeth Peyer: Predicting foreign language skills based on first languages: The role of lexical distance and relative morphological complexity

Abbas Hadizadeh and Gülşen M. Vefalı: Formulaic language in oral academic discourse socialization of graduate students in a Northern Cyprus university

Lin He, Rong Chen and Ming Dong: ‘Leftover women’: A sociolinguistic study of gender bias in Chinese

Abdulazeez Jaradat and Marwan Jarrah: The syntax of plurals of collective and mass nouns: Views from Jordanian Arabic

Kingsley Oluchi Ugwuanyi and Folajimi Oyebola: Attitudes of Nigerian expatriates towards accents of English

Sebastian Wasak: Synthetic -ble compounds vs. -ble adjectives: Issues in the external and internal syntax

Marcin Zabawa: English loan translations in Polish in the area of computers: Syntactic aspects

Guang Shi, Xi Wang and Lijun Zhou: Engagement in Chinese criminal judgments