Current issue

Volume 59(1), March 2023

Table of Contents

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Mohammed Nour Abu Guba, Bassil Mashaqba, Samer Jarbou, Omar Al-Haj Eid: Production of vowel reduction by Jordanian–Arabic speakers of English: an acoustic study

Emre Çetinkaya: The linguistic realization of focus in Uyghur: can the two focusing strategies be used interchangeably?

Montserrat Esbrí-Blasco, Ignasi Navarro i Ferrando: Thematic role mappings in metaphor variation: contrasting English bake and Spanish hornear

Yuxin Hao, Xuelin Wang, Shuai Bin, Haitao Liu: A probability distribution of dependencies in interlanguage

Maja Kelić, Ana Matić Škorić, Marijan Palmović: Croatian (mor)phonotactic word-medial consonant clusters in the early lexicon

Omid Khatin-Zadeh, Jiehui Hu, Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos, Danyal Farsani: The impact of gestural representation of metaphor schema on metaphor comprehension

Jeong-Seok Kim, Seojin Choi, Jee Young Lee: Licensing Case-mismatches and dependent plural markers in Korean left-node-raising

Chihsia Tang: Mandarin Chinese peer advice online: a study of gender disparity

Foluke Olayinka Unuabonah, Oluwateniola Oluwabukola Kupolati: The pragmatics of ‘it is well’ in Nigerian English

Łukasz Wiraszka: Active verbs with inanimate, text-denoting subjects in Polish and English abstracts of research articles in linguistics

Chen Ruijing: Book review. Melissa Yoong. 2020. Professional discourses, gender and identity in women’s media. Springer Nature Switzerland. 149pp. 49.99€, ISBN 978-3-030-55543-6.

Yi Shan: The status, roles, and dynamics of Englishes in Asia