Guidelines for authors

(Guidelines for Guest Editors of thematic issues are on a separate page.)


PSiCL carries original articles with a theoretical impact on any area of linguistics, discussion papers and reply articles, as well as review articles.

The language of the journal is English.

Papers submitted to PSiCL must stricly follow the guidelines below.

The optimum submission length for original studies is 6000–7000 words (excluding references). Review articles, discussion papers and replies will be assessed on an individual basis. In exceptional situations, shorter submissions may be accepted as "reports". We do not accept book reviews any longer.

All submissions will be subject to a double-blind peer-review process with at least two external reviewers.

Authors of original studies must declare that the submission is their original work, and that it has not been submitted to any other journal. "Ghost writing" and "guest authorship" are not permitted in any form and under any circumstances; all persons involved in the preparation of the work submitted must be declared as authors or identified in an acknowledgments section; and no persons whose contribution to the work was insignificant may be included among the authors.

You will be asked to make the respective declarations during the electronic submission process, and the submission will only be processed if the three conditions are met.

Sources of funding, if any, must be identified.


Manuscript preparation

As of 2023, we use the De Gruyter Mouton Journal Style Sheet.



We use the Unified Style Sheet for Linguistics Journals.


Electronic submission

All papers must be submitted using our Manuscript Central online submission system [link opens in a new tab/window]. We accept pdf files, as well as Microsoft Word files. While the system does convert Word documents to pdf in order to maintain consistency across different computers and operating systems, we recommend submitting a pdf if extensive graphics or phonetic transcription is used. If your originating software cannot produce pdf, a free, open-source pdf generator is available here. Please check the pdf file (whether generated by yourself or by Editorial Manager) very carefully to ensure that it is fully correct.

Note that, if your submission is accepted, we will require an editable file such as MS Word or Libreoffice .odt for further processing.

Note that all information allowing the identification of the author must be removed, including from the metadata of your document.

Technical instructions regarding the use of the online submission system can be found on Manuscript Central's webpage.